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Ride Safety

Kiddie RideSafety is the number one issue for Tufano Amusements. Once a week, after every move, the Connecticut Department of Public Safety inspects every ride. Also each week before opening, our rides go through an additional inspection by local electrical inspectors, building officials and health inspectors. Only after all inspections are complete will the state and town officials grant a license to operate.

We work very hard to comply with and maintain our equipment to the highest standard, and we hope it shows.

Want to know what rides you can ride?

view the ride height requirements

In order to enjoy a safe day at the carnival, here are some helpful DO's and DONT's for riding:

Are YOU Ready to RIDE?

The DO’s of Ride Safety:

DO observe each ride before participating- make sure you are comfortable with it

DO Look for the posted State certificate of operation - this document ensures rides are inspected and have passed the stringent safety regulations required by the state

DO read and obey all written and verbal warnings and instructions

DO fasten safety equipment such as a seatbelt, shoulder harness, lap bar or chain

DO secure all clothing and personal possessions

DO follow instructions of ride operators

DO keep hands, arms, legs and feet inside ride at all times

DO keep all safety equipment fastened until the operator instructs you to exit

DO stay in the ride until it comes to a complete stop and wait for the operator to tell you to get out

DO enter or dismount a ride only in the area instructed by the ride operator

The Dont’s of Ride Safety:

DON’T throw any object from an amusement ride or attraction

DON’T endanger or injure yourself or others around you on the ride by behaving in a reckless manner

DON’T enter any ride that you are uncomfortable with or that your child fears

DON’T horseplay around, on or near a ride at any time

DON’T enter a ride without the supervision of the ride operator

DON’T bring food or drinks on any ride, and don’t smoke

Child Safety:

Parents should:

Know your child’s capabilities and limitations with regard to whether the ride is appropriate for them

Watch the ride in operation before entering to make sure your child can ride it safely

Remind your child of Ride Safety “DO's” and “DONT'S

Remind your child to stay seated, hold on to safety bars and obey the ride operator’s instructions        

Designate an easily recognizable place to meet your child after the ride is over

Supervise your child at all times
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